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Growth hack of the day: “Here is my personal email”

One of the things that impressed me about was the way they handle abandoned shopping carts. In short, when you add something to your cart and you close the window abandoning the products in the cart, you will receive several emails from Ugmonk that will encourage you to complete the order by giving you a discount voucher. The first email will give you a 10% discount for completing the order, the second will try to persuade you with a 20% discount. In the end, however, if you do not complete the purchase you will receive an email, from the CEO of Ugmonk, saying “Offering you my personal email”, which for me was a game changer. In the email you will read that he will answer any questions you might have, or assist you in any way possible. It was nice to see how a great company with great products fights for the attention of their prospective clients and makes them feel special. “Here is my personal email” from the CEO is my favourite way to grab my attention, especially if it is from a company I admire. I’m sure it will also work even if it was sent from the CEO of a company I was disappointed with.

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