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How to install a “refer a friend” button on your website in less than 5 minutes

Usually installing a refer a friend program requires some programming skills + understanding of how your eCommerce/cart software works. With Praze you can install the program in literally 5 minutes and the required skills are only copying and pasting. I will briefly describe how one can install Praze on an eCommerce(or on a SAAS product) website and start taking advantage of the power of referral marketing.

First of all, you will need to login into your Praze account, you can do that here:

Once you are in you will see a dashboard encouraging you to create your first campaign.


Now, the campaigns are a little hard to grasp at first. They describe how your referral program will work, what terms the referral program will have and most importantly, how your customers will benefit if they refer your business to their friends. Sample campaign might be: “Refer a friend and get 10% discount from your next purchase.” When you create the campaign you will need to specify campaign name, which is only for your use, campaign title – this will be visible to your customers and campaign description – also visible to your customers giving them information on how the referral will work. A sample campaign will look like this:


When creating the campaign you are also given the option to select a template for your campaign. The template allows you to customise the design of the refer a friend widget. If you want your widget to have custom colors, backgrounds, images etc. you can go ahead and create your template by clicking on Templates in the top menu. Once you create the template, you can go back to the create campaign page and it will be visible in the create form so that you can assign it to the newly created campaign. We strongly recommend building a design template in accordance to your brand guidelines, using your logo, brand colors etc. This will make your campaign more recognisable and more effective.


By ticking the “Active” option and then clicking create your campaign will be published and ready to use. Up to this moment the setup should have taken you a few minutes. From here you will need to grab the javascript widget and install it on your website. These steps are really easy and they should take 2 minutes at most. You can start by going to campaigns from the top menu.


In the campaign list you need to find the campaign you’ve just created and you will see a few options for each campaign:

1. Get code – from here you can get the javascript snippet to install the campaign on your site.

2. Referrals – this will open all referrals your campaign has generated.

3. Edit – allows you to customize the campaign and change the content in it.


In order to install the campaign you can click on Get Code, you will see the following screen:



The first dropdown allows you to select the style of the widget. The default option is  a fixed “Recommend” button that will be glued to the right hand side of your product page. By clicking on it your visitors will be able to refer the product to their friends. The second option is “Inline Button” which will add an inline image at the place you pasted the code at. Thus you can customise the image with whatever button you want to see. The third option is inline text that you will be able to change whenever you want. E.g. the text could say “Refer a friend and get a gift” at any place you want it to be.

When you select the style of your refer a friend widget you can continue with step 2 by copying the code in the box and pasting it on your product page. When you paste it in the html page of your product listing the widget will inject itself and you will be able to see it when you open your product.

In step 3 you just need to copy the code from the third box and paste it in the html of your eCommerce confirmation page. By injecting it in the confirmation page of your store it will be able to track every successful order in your store/saas website and match it to a referral made by one of your customers. If the referral is set to successful you will be able to see it in the dashboard of your admin panel and fulfil it by rewarding your referrer.

That’s about it! Once you complete these steps you will have a working refer a friend program on your website. Please do not forget that we offer unlimited support with setting up your campaign, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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