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In the evolution of every business comes the moment to ask yourself: am I doing enough to make my customers feel confident to recommend my product? In Praze our goal is to help you take advantage of one of the most effective tricks in referral advertising – word of mouth.

Word of mouth is triggered when a customer experiences something far beyond expected. Your task is to to exceed the expectations of your clients and stimulate them to refer a friend. This makes both sides happy and hence word of mouth is nowadays seen as the current trend in enabling loyalty between customer and company.

We have designed Prize as the all-in-one solution that can be used to create and manage a successful referral campaign. Our main philosophy – simplicity. Regardless of the type of e-commerce business you have (newborn startups or established companies) Prize is a super simple solution: the referral functionality is elegantly integrated into your website without any developer work needed.

This is how Fluxmob, an innovative tech company that sales worlds’s smallest battery backup, used Praze to organize their referral system. From the customer’s perspective Fluxmob went for a tempting refer-a-friend loyalty program without the annoying user registrations or transfers of personal data. As the company’s mission is to create products that are simple and accessible, their loyalty program follows the same strategy. The referral option is easy to spot, which makes it attractive for every visitor on their website. Everyone is automatically enrolled – the user gets rewarded simply after a registration from his referral link has been made.

It has never been so easy to take advantage of word of mouth – all the referral functionalities didn’t require Fluxmob to spend any development energy. In that sense we have chosen to keep Praze on the minimalist side – one click install and you have the referral option available for your project. Unlimited support is also included

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